Repairs & Insurance Work


Flawless fixes for cracked, discoloured and uneven rendering

Many buildings shift and move as they settle, which can create uneven surfaces and cracks in your walls.

You have two options for treating this kind of damage: either repair (i.e. re-render) the whole section, or simply patch up the affected area.

  • Before you decide on either option, please note that some houses, especially timber ones, are prone to movement. If we think the cracks are just going to come back in a few months or years, we’ll let you know.
  • If there is an underlying problem with your property that is causing cracks to appear, we will investigate and advise you on the best course of action.
  • We believe in doing long-lasting work, and if it looks like a simple patch-up isn’t going to cut it, we’ll notify you so you can decide on a more effective repair.

All Areas Rendering offers full workmanship and manufacturers’ guarantees, and we always pay close attention to matching the colour, texture and general appearance of every repair to make sure it blends in with the existing rendering.

Spot repairs

Spot repairs are ideal for:

  • Localised cracks and other damage
  • Areas where damage is unlikely to spread or reoccur
  • Inconspicuous areas

Whole sections

Repairing the whole section is recommended for:

  • Extensive damage, i.e. long or wide cracks or holes
  • Areas prone to damage reoccurring
  • Previous repairs that haven’t lasted

We work with all insurers

All Areas Rendering works closely with you and your insurer to get the job done quickly and with minimum hassle.

Small repairs are usually charged per hour.

For more extensive repairs, either prearranged or determined when we reach the job site, we will provide a written estimate.

For a FREE measure and quote, or more information on insurance work, please contact us on 0400 092 538.